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  1. LOOK UP, Sight Specific, Solo Show, 2019

    Wasps Studios, The Briggait, Glasgow

    Interactive sculptural work, Looking through the made work back out into the space and the viewer.

    Built on site

    Repurposed wood, aluminium, recycled paper, glass mirrors.

  2. The Waiting Room, 2019

    Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 

    Sound work: Duration 15 minutes

    Metal collapsable frame, wood, headphones, mp3 players, hand printed flip books

  3. With Hands That Make, 2019

    Platform Community Arts Centre

    Film: Duration 10 minutes

    Made in Collaboration with the women of the Clak and Yak knitting group

    The film was the product of weekly chats whilst knitting blankets to donate to the NHS's vulnerable mothers group.

  4. Notes on Doing, 2019

    The Barnes Building 

    Interactive text and Sound piece: Standing, duration 2.5 minutes, Sitting: 2 minutes 

  5. The Body Clock, 2019

    Single Step Performance Night, McLellan Galleries,

    Durational Performance comprising of audience participation, following Sound Instruction work: Duration: 7 minutes 

  6. Costumes That Make Walking Difficult, 2018

    Assembly Line, Group ShowThe Pipe Factory

    Wearable sculptures that can be used by those attending the exhibition.

    Canvas, Rope, Bricks, Pine

  7. The Thinking Chair, 2018

    DisFunctional Sculpture that forces sitter to be close to themselves.

    Hand made wooden chair.

  8. Shape, 2017,

    A movement conversation

    Photographic performance in studio space.

  9. Just Hang In There, 2017

    Loose Ends, Group Exhibition, The Barnes Building

    Photographic Series